How to color Easter eggs: A Guide For Beginners & Hardcore Egg Dyers

How To Color Easter Eggs

For all of you who still need to dye some eggs before Easter, this post is for you.

Egg decorating is almost synonymous with Easter. Over time, it’s as if it’s an essential activity during the holiday. We wanted to give you three different articles that you can use no matter what your skill level is. 

Beginners Guide To Egg Dying: You probably have these ingredients at home already.

Basic Egg

For those who don’t have any store-bought kits – no worries. We find that the easiest way to dye eggs is by using these basic items: bowl, food coloring, white vinegar, and tongs.

Mix the desired food coloring to your vinegar in separate bowls and soak your hard-boiled eggs in the mixture. For a more in-depth review on this method, check out this article. How to color Easter eggs: A guide to a flawless holiday creation

Intermediate Egg Dyer’s Guide: You want to go beyond solid colored eggs? Read on!

So you’ve mastered the solid colored egg. Congrats! If you want to impress your friends try using some other household items to give your egg a little something extra. Before dipping the egg try wrapping the egg in a rubber band to create some impressive white stripes on your egg. All you need is a little tape, some leaves, paper, plastic -get creative! You’d be amazed at what designs come out. There’s always the classic “Double Dip” method (it’s ok to double-dip these eggs) if you want some multi-toned masterpieces.

Don’t just take our word for it – Martha has even more tricks up her sleeve which you can read more about over at Easter Egg Dyeing 101

Advanced Egg Dyer: You should have written this blog post.

For those who are ready to move on from the basic double dipped, striped, stamped, multi-colored pieces – then this part of the blog is for you. (We would also love to see your creations)

So not gonna lie, the most advanced designs we have ever seen are from people painting their eggs. For more inspiration on painted eggs, check out these photos of Hand Painted Easter Eggs.

Here’s another helpful article for those who still need some last-minute inspiration.

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