Laundo Milestone: 30,000 Hours Given Back

30,000 Hours
What Would You Do With All That Time?

Mahalo Hawaii! We couldn’t have accomplished it without your loyal support and #LaundoLove

Wow! In a little over a year, we have hit one of our biggest milestones yet. We’ve given over 30,000 hours of precious time back to our customers. That’s a BIG number. Let us break it down for you.

30,000 Hours Is Like:

1,250 days

 or 3.42 years!

Some Milestones are worth Celebrating. We made a little video to share about how we were still able to celebrate even though we may be physically apart. Enjoy the video since we can’t physically give you piece a cake, a digital version will have to work for now.

We just want to give a big MAHALO to everyone who has helped us accomplish this incredible feat. We are so excited to continue to offer Hawaii’s only pick up and delivery laundry service and are so excited to continue on the journey!