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Save Money With Our Exclusive Discounts

Only $10.00 Per Month

Get a reduced rate per pound and 10% off dry cleaning and ala carte items.

How it works

Our LaundoPass is a way for anyone to save money on our services. We offer a discounted rate of $2.25/lb for our wash and fold services ($2.50/lb retail) along with 10% off all dry cleaning and large ala carte bulky items (comforters, bedspreads, rugs, etc). We also offer our Same Day Services for only $10 more ($24.95 retail).

Pay For A Month Or Two Weeks Pass.

You can try the LaundoPass for two weeks for a one time charge of $7.50 or you can pay for the full month for only $10 (recurring charge). Each charge is a one-time charge with no future commitments or obligations.

Reduced Rate For Same-Day Service

You will also get a discounted price of $10 on our Same-Day Service which is a $24.95 value. Like all Same Day Orders, you just have to call, text, or email us the day prior or by 7 AM the day of pick up to let us know. Your clothes will be picked up between 9 AM -10 AM and returned that evening between 6 PM – 9 PM.

Only $2.25/lb For Wash And Fold

Save more on every load! All LaundoPass holders only pay $2.25/lb vs our $2.50/lb retail rate.

10% Off All Dry Cleaning & Bulky Items

LaundoPass holders also get 10% off all dry cleaning items and large bulky items such as comforters, bedspreads, large blankets, rugs, etc.

Starting at $7.50

Unlock exclusive discounts!
  • Pay only $2.25/lb
  • 10% off dry cleaning and bulky items
  • $10 for same-day service ($24.95 value)


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Learn more about our LaundoPass.

How much does it cost per month?

You only pay $10 per month to unlock exclusive rates along with discounted dry cleaning, bulky items, and a reduced Same Day Service. You can try our 2 week LaundoPass for only $7.50.

Is there a commitment or any other obligations?

No. Pay a one-time charge of only $10 for a month pass or $7.50 for a two-week pass. Please be advised you may only upgrade to the monthly pass by paying the full rate. We aren’t able to pro-rate your LaundoPass.

What is included in my LaundoPass?

Each LaundoPass includes the following:

  • $2.25/lb wash and fold ($2.50/lb retail value)
  • 10% off dry cleaning
  • 10% bulky items (comforters, rugs, blankets, etc).
  • $10 for Same Day Service ($24.95 retail)

How do I get a bag?

After you have signed up and created an account, contact us to finalize your LaundoPass via phone, text, or email. Your reusable bag will be given to you with the delivery of your first order.

How does Same-Day Service work?

Each LaundoPass holder will get our Same-Day laundry services for only $10 more per order ($24.95 value). Pickups are during the morning between 9 AM – 11 AM and deliveries are later that evening between 6 PM – 9 PM.

For same-day service just call or text us the day before or by 7 AM the day of pick up!

Can I wash my comforter and blankets?

Absolutely! You will get 10% off all bulky items. Comforters and large blankets range from $20 – $30 each.

Can you separate my bag into multiple loads?

Aside from our standard load separations (whites and colors), we can also accommodate multiple separate loads per order. Keep in mind each separate load is subject to our 12lb min load charge. You can have less than 12lbs per separate load, but that is still the minimum charge.

How do I cancel my LaundoPass?

There is no contract and you can cancel at any time. Minimums are still applied to laundry pass holders. If you cancel before the subscription ends, you will still be able to use your pass until it expires.