How Do I Do My Laundry On Vacation?

Hawaii Laundry Service
Find out where to do laundry in hawaii

Where To Do Laundry In Hawaii

You’re in Hawaii, laying on the beach just enjoying paradise when it dawns on you, your vacation is coming to an end and your suitcase is full of dirty laundry. The last thing you want to have to look for is where to do laundry in Hawaii. Now imagine being able to bag all those clothes up and drop them off at the front desk only to have them delivered the next day washed, folded and ready to pack away clean in your suitcase. Save time unpacking when you get home and even more importantly save time on vacation enjoying paradise – not doing laundry.

Hotel And Resort Laundry Services $$$

While many major resorts do offer laundry service, the price can sometimes be outrageous. If you only have a couple of garments then this might just be the way to go as you are charged per piece. Make sure you check the drop off times, as many hotels and resorts do not offer next day service for evening drop-offs.

Laundromats $

Time is precious and Hawaii is not the cheapest place to get to. If you don’t mind spending your precious hard-earned vacation time doing laundry, then a laundromat might be just for you. There are laundromats in all major towns throughout Hawaii that have washers and dryers for use.

Laundo Laundry Service $$

If you’re looking for both an affordable and professional laundry service in Hawaii, Laundo may be the perfect match. Specializing in free pick up and delivery, wash and fold, professional laundry service, Laundo makes doing laundry on vacation a breeze. Simply sign up online, choose your preferences and pick up date and leave your laundry at the front desk. You can even opt for a “Pack & Fly” package where your clothes return in a vacuum sealed bag leaving you even more room to pack those souvenirs in your suitcase.